Wimbledon counselling and therapySpringtime and more specifically, Easter, is a time for renewal, regeneration and change. Although ostensibly a religious festival, the essence of the Easter tradition transcends religion and resonates with the desire for something new in all of us. The notion of death and rebirth (the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ) appeals to human nature and is recognisable to us because we are inherently change-oriented beings and experience this theme in our everyday lives. We often experience the realisation that something needs to come to an end within us in order for something new to begin. This may be in the form of letting go of a relationship, negative or dysfunctional beliefs, addiction, or past trauma in the service of Self and personal growth. Birth, death and rebirth are the major themes of human existence and the perennial philosophies of life.

Unsurprisingly, we get a lot of counselling and therapy inquiries at this time of year. New clients are inspired by the change and renewal evident in nature and often heed the call to renew aspects of Self through therapy. Spring is the season of optimism, hope and constancy and this can have a profound affect on our inner yearnings to end old patterns of being which no longer serve us, and to work towards a greater sense of wholeness and happiness. It is the season of fertility and we feel that sense of fertility in our hearts and minds. Whilst there is no ‘season’ for entering counselling or therapy as such, we certainly see the affect of bulbs blooming, increased sunlight, and birds nesting in the individuals visiting our therapy rooms.

What does spring mean to you? Spend some time to contemplate your inner experiences of spring and renewal. What needs to come to an end in your life in order for new beginnings?


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