transpersonal therapy wimbledonSometimes the decision to go into therapy or counselling can seem a difficult one. Will it help? How does it work? Where might it lead? How long will it take –are all typical questions new clients may have when thinking of coming to see someone about their problems. I believe people too often put off coming into counselling when it really could help resolve the difficulties they are facing and lead to valuable new insights and discoveries about themselves. In fact, what is often misunderstood about therapy is that its not only for working out solutions to problems (problem-solving focus), but also for delving into the deeper layers of one’s life and discovering aspects of self which can lead to a richer and more meaningful experience of life (growth/transformation focus).

Transpersonal psychotherapy is particularly suitable for clients who wish to discover and learn about themselves through their problems. This is the type of therapy that both Laura and I practise, and it is our deeply held belief, and indeed our collective experience, that transpersonal work has the potential to lead to meaningful personal growth and development.

Some questions you might like to think about if you are considering counselling or therapy:

  • Does my problem/issue affect the experience, enjoyment or functioning of my daily life?
  • Was my life more enjoyable before the problem/issue arose?
  • Has my physical health deteriorated since the problem/issue first began?
  • Could my relationships be better than they currently are?
  • Are there big questions in my life that I would like to find answers to?
  • Do I want things to change in my life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are transpersonal therapy could be of significant benefit to you.

We encourage potential new clients to embrace their sense of adventure, courage and love for their lives by considering coming into therapy with us. Oftentimes a chat on the phone can help to determine whether counselling and indeed our approach will benefit your situation and address your hopes for therapy. This is usually followed up by an initial face-to-face meeting where Laura or I can learn more about you, and importantly we (you and me) can get a feel for whether we could build a strong working relationship together in order to work effectively.

If you are thinking of coming into counselling, please email my Wimbledon counselling practise (,) or email Laura for counselling in Woking ( We look forward to hearing from you.


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