Counselling in Wimbledon & WokingWelcome to the inaugural post for our new website, Living Therapy. We are thrilled to be up and running and to be able to share the latest news, views and insights from the world of psychotherapy and counselling in Woking and Wimbledon.
We, Anna Kinnaird Folkman (writing) and Laura Prins formed a counselling partnership in 2013, bringing together our two therapy practices in Surrey and South West London as one platform. After many years practicing individually as psychotherapists –Laura, counselling in Woking and me counselling in Wimbledon -we could see the potential synergies and benefits of launching the Living Therapy partnership, both for ourselves as practitioners and also for the clients with whom we work.

In a field inherently comprised of partnerships (counsellor and client) we are well aware of the power and strength of working alongside another to drive growth and transformation. Much like counselling itself, our partnership provides the ongoing reflection, support, challenge, and alliance we believe to be necessary for ongoing professional development. We each have a strong desire to foster a greater sense of community within our individual work.

Our primary aim in aligning ourselves in this way is to deliver quality psychotherapy and counselling services to our growing client bases, by sharing our respective expertise and providing dynamic professional support. A further aim of the partnership is to drive our collaborative research projects which deliver meaningful contributions to the wider psychotherapy and counselling community. Whilst I will continue to provide counselling in Wimbledon and Laura will continue to see clients in her Woking counselling practice, we are very excited about the opportunities of working together in our newly formed virtual practice.

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