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Spring cleaning

The birds are singing, the temperature’s rising and the daffodils are blooming down here in Surrey. It’s that time of year again. The vernal equinox is fast approaching (March 20th), and the days will soon be lengthening. Spring is a natural time of transition. An...

Overwhelmed by inspiration?

I have been reflecting lately on the curious phenomena of ‘inspiration overwhelm’ –how I describe the state of being suffused with relentless and oftentimes competing ideas and potentialities and the anxiety that they will be forgotten before they can be fully...

Time stress, mindfulness & counselling

I often hear clients at my Wimbledon counseling practice say something like ‘Gosh, this week has flown, it doesn’t seem like a week ago since I was last here’. They are reflecting that their relationship to time feels out of sync in some way. I myself often find days...

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